HDT-48-00R - RENTAL - Hand Crimp Tool - 8 Indent - Size 12-20 AWG


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Weekly Rental Price: $36.00

Deposit Price: $360.82

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Product Details

Manufacturer Part #HDT-48-00R

Product Description

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Deutsch Hand Crimp Tool

The Deutsch solid contact series is designed for use with larger wire sizes in heavy duty applications. This style of contact is manufactured using a cold heading process and solid copper alloy wire. The resulting contact is a closed entry design. The standard finish is nickel, with gold plating as an option. All Deutsch terminals protect the split socket tines with a closed entry stainless steel sleeve. This high quality, precision tool creates a weatherproof 8 indent crimp on any 12, 16, 20 contact size pin or socket. The crimper is fully adjustable and the ratcheting release system ensures a perfect crimp every time.


CONTACT SIZE: 12, 16, & 20


Choosing The Right Crimper For Your Project

Determine the type of wire and connector you are working with: Different types of wire and connectors require different types of crimpers. For example, insulated connectors require a different type of crimper than non-insulated connectors.

Determine the wire size: Wire crimpers come in different sizes to accommodate different wire gauges. Make sure to choose a crimper that is suitable for the wire size you are working with.

Consider the frequency of use: If you plan to use the crimper frequently, you may want to invest in a high-quality, durable crimper that can withstand such frequent use.

Check the quality of the crimper: Look for a crimper made of high-quality materials such as steel or aluminum to ensure it will last for a long time.

Look for additional features: Some crimpers come with additional features such as adjustable crimping force and interchangeable die sets, which can make the crimping process easier and more efficient.

About WireCare® Rental Tools

How Do Rental Tools Work? At WireCare®, we know that some project budgets don't have room for the purchase of expensive tools and accessories. We're happy to make many of these tools and support accessories available on a rental basis, with simple and reasonable terms. We even provide prepaid return labels to make your tool rental experience with WireCare® as easy and convenient as possible. If your job calls for a hot knife, crimper or other tool that isn't within your budget, just add a rental tool to your cart, and best of luck with your project.

How Much Do Rental Tools Cost? Your credit card will be charged the full cost of the tool immediately upon ordering. You can keep the tool as long as you like and be charged the weekly rental fee. When you return the Tool, your credit card will be credited the difference between the total deposit & the deducted weekly charges.

Technical Specifications

SeriesDT Series, DTM Series, DTP Series, DTHD Series, HD10 Series, HDP20 Series, HD30 Series, AT-SR01 Series, AT Series, ATM Series, ATP Series, and AHD Series
Contact Size12, 16, and 20
Contact TypeSolid Contact

Deposit Price: $360.82

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