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About Heat Guns

Whenever fast, portable heat is needed, heat guns and related hot air tools provide the solution. Not only are heat guns the recommended tool for correctly finishing a heatshrink tubing installation, but they are useful in dozens of other applications such as drying, heating, soldering, desoldering, welding and softening plastics and any other application where portable, concentrated heat is needed. We offer an assortment of heat guns and hot air tools suitable for many applications and at price points to accommodate virtually any need

Most Common Uses For Heat Guns

Heat guns are versatile tools that produce a stream of hot air when activated. They find numerous applications in various industries and household tasks. Here are some of the most common uses for heat guns:

Installing Heatshrink Tubing: Heat guns are used in packaging to shrink heatshrink, plastic wrap, or shrink film tightly around objects. The hot air causes the material to shrink and conform tightly to the shape of the item being wrapped.

Paint & Varnish Removal: Heat guns are commonly used to strip old paint or varnish from surfaces. The high temperature softens the paint, making it easier to scrape off.

Removing Stickers & Adhesives: The application of heat from a heat gun can help soften and loosen adhesive bonds, making it easier to remove stickers, labels, or adhesive residues from surfaces.

Drying & Curing: Heat guns are used to speed up the drying and curing processes of various materials such as paint, epoxy, or adhesives. The hot air accelerates evaporation, reducing drying time.

Crafting & DIY Pojects: Heat guns are popular among crafters and DIY enthusiasts. They are used for embossing designs on paper, heat-setting ink on fabrics, molding foam, and various other creative applications.

Loosening Rusted or Seized Parts: Applying heat to rusted or seized bolts, nuts, or other metal components can expand and loosen them. The heat helps break down rust or corrosion, facilitating easier removal.

Softening & Shaping Plastics: Heat guns can soften and reshape thermoplastic materials like PVC, acrylic, or polystyrene. This allows for bending, molding, or repairing plastic objects.

Electronics Repairs: In electronics repair, heat guns can be used for tasks such as desoldering components, reflowing solder on circuit boards, or removing adhesives from electronic devices.

Milwaukee Dual Temp Heat Gun

Ergonomic design and stay-cool handle for long periods of use. Unique impact resistant heating element. Efficient soft air velocity increases surface temperature much faster than conventional hot air heat guns.

  • Dual Temperature - 570°/1000°F
  • Unique Impact Resistant Heating Element
  • Three Position Rocker Switch: Off-High-Low
  • 110 Volt - 11.6 Amp Motor

Milwaukee Variable Temp Heat Gun

This variable temperature Heat Gun offers a range from 90 to 1050 degrees Fahrenheit. The LED digital readout display allows you to monitor the temperature via a digital display when precision control is needed. Three controlled air volumes, 7.06/8.83/15.89 cu.ft.min., allow you to match the air speed to your application.

  • Variable Temperature 90°-1,100°F
  • Three Air Speed Settings
  • Special Base for Hands Free Operation
  • Three Air Speed Settings
  • Ceramic Encapsulated Heating Element
  • Removable Air Filter
  • LED Display In 10° Increments
  • Comfortable, Impact Resistant Housing

Titan Tools Hand Held Heat Gun

This economical 1,500 watt general purpose Vaper heat gun from Titan is perfect for finishing heat shrink tubing on auto renovation and home theater projects. Dual temperature 572°/ 932° F in a well balanced impact resistant trigger control enclosure.

  • Dual Temperature - 572° / 932°F
  • Long Lasting Ceramic Heating Element
  • Durable ABS Plastic Body
  • Three Position Rocker Switch: Off-High-Low
  • 1,500 Watts of Heat
  • 6 1/2 Foot Power Cord

Steinel Heat Guns

WireCare® offers a range of different heat guns from Steinel including ergonomic, Variable Temp, LCD Display, and dual-Temp options. In addition to the heat tools, Steinel accessories are precision formed from high-grade, polished stainless steel for superior performance and reliability.Steinel offers a wide variety of accessories for their heatguns, glue guns and other tools. These additional parts customize your tool for easier use with the project or application you are working on.

Master Appliance Master-Mite Heat Shrink System

Have you been searching for a continuous-duty benchtop heating system that is equipped to perform a variety of jobs? Master Appliance has the ultimate solution. The Master-Mite heat gun has a quiet, shaded pole motor and performs benchtop tasks without excess airflow. Each lightweight, low amp draw heat gun we supply comes standard with a 650° F (343° C) heating element and a heat shrink attachment for electrical work. When we refer to this as a lightweight heat gun, we mean it, because it weighs only 28 ounces. With the help of a height-adjustable stand, your operators can work with both hands free. Best of all, these streamlined heat guns can be hand-held while performing vinyl repair or drying film without causing operator fatigue.

With three Master-Mite heat gun models to choose from, we are confident that you can find the right solution to suit your needs. These lightweight heat gun models are professionally preferred due to quiet operation and low power draw of the brushless, continuous-duty motor. Each low airflow heat gun is whisper-quiet yet produces enough heat to apply heat shrinkable tubing without excessive air velocity, so delicate connectors or components will not blow off the work surface. Plus, you get three easy-to-change plus-in heating elements: 500°, 650° & 800°F. Simply determine the best amount of voltage needed to perform routine tasks with ease. We offer 120V, 220V, and 240V to suit any specific application or voltage requirement. Each Master-Mite gun model is carefully tested and inspected but also warranted to be free of defects in materials or workmanship under normal use for one year from the date of purchase.


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