II33-866 - IDEAL - Test, Tone, & Trace Kit


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Unit Price: $177.15

Total Price: $177.15

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #II33-866

Product Description

Ideal Networking Tester Tools

Ideal Network Tester Tools

This Ideal Test, Tone, Trace Kit has everything you need for testing, identifying and locating cables. Included in this kit are a VDV tester, amplifier probe, 2 coax patch cables (F male-F male), coax adapters (F male to BNC female, F female to BNC female, F male to RCA female, F female to RCA female) and an F-81 barrel splice. There is also 2 RJ-45 patch cords, 2 RJ-11 patch cords, 1 RJ-11 to alligator clip (red/black) assembly and a carrying case to keep it all together and organized.

Additional Product Information

  • Small and Compact for Portability and Storage.
  • Verifies if new VDV installations are wired correctly
  • Verifies custom made cables for proper wiring and continuity (RJ-45, RJ-11, F, BNC, RCA)
  • Designed for Residential and Commercial Environments
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Test Phone, Coax and Cat Cables
  • Identifies Miswires, Shorts, Opens, Split Pairs and Reversals
  • Supports RJ11/12, RJ45, and coax F-Connector cabling and interfaces.
  • Differentiates individual cables from a bundle

Total Price: $177.15

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