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Greenlee® CrimpAll™ 8000 Series

Easy To Use Crimp Frame With Versatile Dies

Greenlee® CrimpAll™ Crimp Tool

The CrimpALL™ 8000 Series ergonomic crimper uses the same dies as the 1300 Series. It is easy to use and can crimp with one hand effortlessly. Additionally, it has an ultra-smooth ratchet design and rubber grip handles with reduced grip distance. Over 50 interchangeable die sets are available.

CrimpALL™ ergonomic crimp tool features soft-rubber ergonomic handles, an angled head that prevents awkward wrist bending when crimping and less distance between handles for a more comfortable grip. It produces higher crimp force with less exertion, with no breakover force needed to complete the crimp. EZI-Change® thumb screws let you change die sets quickly.

The CrimpAll™ Tool was previously manufactured by Paladin Tools and is compatible with the Paladin 1300 Series dies.

Product Features

  • ZI-CHANGE™ dies screws make changing dies quick and easy; no screwdriver is required
  • Higher crimp force produced with less hand force, so hand does not tire as quickly
  • No breakover hand force - the effort required by most crimpers to make the last click to complete the crimp - the CrimpALL does all the work
  • Ultra-smooth, fully ratcheting crimp cycle
  • Soft, rubber-embedded handles
  • Built-in safety release
  • Interchangeable die sets made of heat-treated steel for long life
  • Reduced grip distance makes it easy for small and large hands
  • Rugged, double-plated jaw design to increase life span
  • Manufactured using the newest fine blanking technologies
  • Angled head prevents awkward wrist bends during operation

Item Type

American Wire Gauge Range

Terminal Type

Coax Cable Type


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