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Temperature Indicating Wire Clips

Chameleon Clips

Chameleon temperature indicating wire clips provide a visual indication of potential problems due to overheating wires. The special material changes from a safe green to vibrant orange when the wire reaches approximately 110° F. Chameleons are easy to use and install, reusable, and may be moved from wire to wire at any time. Ideal for use on Christmas tree lighting, appliances, tools and computer cables. Each package contains 2 each of 3 different styles, suitable for virtually any wire or cord application.)

Visual Indication of Hot Wires or Cables

When improperly used, or when damaged, flexible cord sets may be one of the most dangerous items in your home or office.

Chameleon indicators provide an instant visual cue when a cord or wire is becoming dangerously hot, giving you time to disconnect the damaged cord and diagnose the problem before it becomes a far worse safety issue.

Perfect for the holidays or special events, Chameleon Clips and Wraps are great for high voltage or heavily used appliances and devices that are cluttered together, constantly on, or are in danger of being defective due to old age and wear and tear.

Price/Ea:  $6.75
Total: $6.75