One Stand Fits All

Mika beauty
Mika beauty
Mika beauty

Mika is the quintessential stand, perfectly proportioned for all tablets. A truly universal concept, Mika is compatible with devices ranging from the Nexus 7 to the iPad and even the MacBook Air or Retina MacBook Pro. Mika is beautifully formed in solid Aluminium with soft rubber edges to hold and protect your devices.Mika integrates seamlessly into your desktop. It provides the perfect resting place for your tablet or laptop, keeping your workspace neat and tidy and ready for whatever the day holds.Mika has been designed to hold your tablet at an ergonomic angle, allowing you to access applications, surf the web, watch videos or read with ease.

Mika application 1
Mika application 2
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  • Solid Aluminium Frame
  • Protective Edge
  • Comfortable Angle
  • Perfect Resting Place For Your Tablet or Laptop
  • Integrates Seamlessly Into Your Desktop
  • Keeps Your Workspace Neat And Tidy