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Simply45® Adjustable Wire Stripper

The Simply45® Professional LAN Cable Stripper is a patented easy-to-use professional LAN cable stripper that is adjustable to professionally strip both unshielded (UTP) and shielded (STP) copper LAN cables. The S45-S01BL easily strips Cat7a, Cat7, Cat6a, Cat6, Cat5e, Cat3 shielded and unshielded networking cables. This is a must-have in every installer’s tool kit.

  • Works with All LAN Cables – Shielded and Unshielded
  • Works with Most LAN Cable Jacket Types
  • Professionally Strip Speaker Cables
  • Built-In Wire Straightener Comb
  • Turning Knob for Precise Stripping Depth

Product Use Instructions

  1. Turn the knob counterclockwise on the top of the tool to raise the trimming blade.
  2. Squeeze the Tool handles to Open and insert your LAN cable in the tool channel.
  3. Adjust as necessary where you want to strip to begin by sliding the LAN cable forward or backward.
  4. Lower the trimming blade by turning clockwise
  5. You want the trimming blade to gently touch the cable jacket so that when the tool is turned it will only score the jacket.
  6. You should only need to use one revolution of turning the tool to score the cable jacket. Do not cut too deep as you may nick or cut the insulated wires.
  7. Squeeze the tool handles to remove the cable. Gently bend the cable around the score. If done correctly you should hear a slight snap when the jacket breaks free.
  8. Inspect the wire conductors to make sure the wire insulation was not damaged. If the insulation on one of the wires has been cut, then cut off the cable and restart the trimming process from the beginning.
  9. After using the Simply45® S45-S01BL Adjustable LAN Cable Stripper a few times you will get the hang on how tight you need to lower the blade to correctly strip the jacket.