Flexo Flange

PET Sleeving with a Flanged End

flexo flange
Flexo Flange

The new Flexo Flange is our latest innovation in sleeving fabrication.

This exciting new termination solution frees users from the need to use the actual wires or cables as an attachment point for the sleeving and provides new levels of design flexibility and ease of installation.

Our exclusive new process flattens, stiffens and shapes the ends of the sleeving. The flanged ends are strong enough to be drilled for further processes, bolted or riveted, glued or sewn and can easily be engineered into any application where an invisible, pass-through installation is desired. The process opens up the sleeving for easy insertion of large bundles of wires and all of the characteristics of expandability and strength are preserved.

Each piece is flanged on both ends for easy installation into any application.

The flanged end of Flexo Flange can easily be fixed to any installation!flexo flange
  • Use Screws!
  • Use Nails!
  • Glue it!
  • Use Bolts!
  • Velcro it!
  • Staple it!
  • Clamp it!

Price/Ft: $1.10
Total: $110.00