Flexo® KV Braided Sleeving

Stronger Than Steel, Soft & Pliable


Flexo KV braided sleeving is a soft, flexible sleeving that’s perfect for bundling and protecting vulnerable components from the most extreme environmental conditions. Flexo KV is braided from aramid fibers and has well-known characteristics of durability, pliability and extraordinary tensile strength. Flexo KV's aramid fibers are up to 20 times stronger than steel fibers of equal diameter. Flexo KV's aramid fibers have excellent thermal stability, permitting long-term, continuous use at temperatures, it does not melt or support combustion. Flexo KV sleeving provides extreme strength and durability, yet is lightweight and easy to install.

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There are many components that contribute to the strength of Flexo KV, including the fact that Flexo KV's aramid fiber is a polymer containing aromatic and amide molecular groups. When the molten aramid is spun into fibers, the polymers have a crystalline arrangement, with the polymer chains oriented parallel to the fiber's axis. The amide groups are able to form hydrogen bonds between the polymer chains, which act like glue holding the separate polymer chains together. The most recent XANES images confirm that the aromatic components of Flexo KV's aramid fibers have a radial (spoke-like) orientation, which allows for a high degree of symmetry and order.

  • Cuts With Flexo Aramid Shears
  • Up To 20 Times Stronger Than Steel
  • Dense Braid For Full Coverage
  • Operating Temps: -274°F to 320°F (-170°C to 160°C)
  • Will Not Melt, Burn or Support Combustion
  • Stays Soft and Pliable
  • Resists Acids, Bases, Solvents, and Fuels
  • Excellent Abrasion Resistance

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