Extreme Temperature

Designed for protection in high temperature environments where failure would be catastrophic, these products are state of the art in high temperature material engineering.
FG - Insultherm Resin Coated Braided Fiberglass Sleeving
Resin Saturated Fiberglass
Protects Up to 1,200°F

FGL - Insultherm Tru-Fit
Insultherm® Tru-Fit
Heat Treated Fray Resistant Fiberglass
For High Temp, Low Voltage Applications

FHN - UltraFlex
Insultherm® Ultraflexx
Continuous Filament E-Type Glass
Cuts Easily With Scissors

FHH - UltraFlex Pro
Insultherm® Ultraflexx Pro
Heavy Wall Fiberglass Will Not Burn
Cuts Easily With Scissors

FGS - Insultherm HD
Insultherm® HD
Braided Fiberglass Won’t Melt or Burn
Resists Gasoline & Engine Chemicals

SPB - Spark Plug Boots
Spark Plug Boots
Fiberglass & Silica Boots
Long Lasting Economical Protection

DGN - Dragon Sleeving
Dragon Sleeving
Extreme Temp Protection
Protect Your Wires & Cables

DGA - Techflex Dragon Arm
Techflex Dragon Arm
Protect Your Arm From Char
Slag, Spatter, & Welding Resistant

DGB - Techflex Dragon Blanket for Welding
Techflex Dragon Blanket for Welding
Flame Retardant
Resists Sparks & Slag

FI - FireFlex Silicone Jacketed Fiberglass Sleeving
Silicone Jacketed Fiberglass
Will Not Burn or Support Combustion

FIA - FireFlex Aero
FireFlex Aero
Extra Thick Braid & Heavy Coating
AS1072 Aerospace Grade

FIF - FireFlex Flat
FireFlex Flat
Easily Secured Versatile Tape
Silicone Coated Fiberglass Hose Wrap

T6F - Flexo T6 Aluminized Fiberglass Wraparound Tubing
T6 Thermashield®
Heat Reflective Aluminum Laminated Fiberglass
Deflects Radiant Heat up to 1,400°F

TTN - Thermashield Tube
ThermaShield® Tube
Reflects Radiant Heat
Insulates Delicate Wires & Components

TCN - ThermaShield Convoluted
ThermaShield® Convoluted
Semi-Rigid Laminated Flexible Fiberglass Tube
Available in Pre-Cut 4ft Sticks

TW - Thermashield Wrap
ThermaShield® Wrap
Reflects Radiant Heat
Insulates Delicate Wires & Components

TS - Thermashield Flat
ThermaShield® Flat
Reflects Radiant Heat
Insulates Delicate Wires & Components

TST - Thermashield Tape
Thermashield® Tape
EM / RDI Shielding Tape
1 Mil Aluminum Foil

GRF-Gold Heat Reflective Film
Gold Foil
6 Mil Thick Foil
Reflects Radiant Heat

WWN - Weld Wrap
Weld Wrap
Heavy Duty Acrylic Coated Woven Fiberglass
Easy Hook & Loop Installation

WWH - WeldWrap HD
Weld Wrap HD
Rated to 266°F Class H (130°C)
Excellent Low Temp Flexability

SL - Silica Sleeving
Silica Sleeve
60 Mil Wall Thickness
Enhanced Thermal Insulation

VTN - Volcano Sleeve
Volcano Sleeve
Cuts Easily with Scissors

HFN - Header Wrap
Insultherm® Header Wrap
Vermiculite Coated Fiberglass
Increases Horsepower & Improves MPG

VWN - Volcano Wrap
Volcano Wrap
Woven Volcanic Rock Tape
Increases Performance in Exhaust Systems

HSN - Header Wrap SI
Insultherm® Silica Header Wrap
Silica Wrap
Withstands Continuous Heat Up to 2,000°F