F6H1.38BK - F6® Heavy Duty - 1 3/8" - Black - 10 ft cuts


Product Details

Manufacturer Part #:
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Price per ft: $3.68

Total Price: $36.80

Product Details

Manufacturer Part #F6H1.38BK

Product Description

F6 Heavy Duty

F6® Heavy Duty

Flexible Control & Management With Easy On, Easy Off Access. Flexo® Wrap (FWN) is an exclusive products engineered and manufactured by Techflex. These products provide the perfect solution to a wide variety of unique application challenges. The color matched hook and loop closure provides for easy on and off installation, as well as instant and convenient access for harness break-outs and rework of any specific section along the entire length of the run. Combined with the expandable, open weave design, FWN will conform to a wide variety of bundle diameters and will wrap around irregular shapes and cut cleanly with a hot knife.

MELT TEMP: 482°F (250°C)

MATERIAL: Polyethylene Terephthalate


Why Use Braided Sleeving?

We believe sleeving is the best of all worlds when it's time to deal with harnesses, snakes and bundles, and we want to convince you that some type of sleeving will be the perfect balance of economy, ease of use and long term usability for your applications. Unlike other products designed for cable management, expandable sleeving is quick and economical to install on applications of virtually any length. In addition, the reduced weight and volume of sleeving is negligible to the overall diameter and weight of the application. The visual appeal of braided sleeving is an important factor as well. Many companies and individuals the world over use Techflex brand braided sleeving for their wires, tubes, cords, and more. For professional applications, home installations, and even arts and crafts projects, Techflex braided sleeving is your best solution!

Cutting With A Hot Knife

To ensure a frayless, professional end on any installation, it is recommended that expandable braided sleeving be cut with a hot knife, rope cutter, or similar tool. We offer a wide variety of Hot Knives for different applications, including handheld knives, table knives, and replacement blades. You can find a guide to properly using a hot knife for the cutting of braided sleeving at Wirecare.com's Learning Center.

F6 Heavy Duty
F6 Heavy Duty
F6 Heavy Duty

Additional Product Information

  • Self Closing
  • Available in Black
  • Cut with Scissors
  • Extremely High Abrasion Resistance
  • RoHs Compliant

Technical Specifications

Nominal Diameters (Fractions)1 3/8

Total Price: $36.80

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