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Gator Wrap

Designed to Be Durable & Abrasion Resistant

Gator Wrap on Hoses
Tough Wire & Hose Protection

Techflex® Gator Wrap is braided from proprietary extreme abrasion fabric with hook and loop closure. Commonly used in the oil field industry on frac hoses and on drill rigs, and in the timber industry to replace spiral wrap. This product will withstand continuous exposure to friction on abrasive surfaces, and even punctures and tears. The heavy duty hook and loop closure ensures a tight seal and allows Gator Wrap to be installed easily over existing assemblies. Gator Wrap also provides a high level of resistance to chemicals including bases, acids, automotive fluids, and even fungus. Gator Wrap is used on construction sites and workshops the world over to bundle and protect hoses and cables on heavy machinery and large vehicles.

  • Abrasion Tested To 50,000+ Cycles
  • 50 Mil Wall Thickness
  • Proprietary AbrasionFabric
  • Operating Temps: -60°F to 250°F (-51°C to 121°C)
  • Extreme, Oversized Hook & Loop Closure
  • Very Puncture & Tear Resistant
  • Sheds Surface Moisture
  • Excellent WeldingSparks and Spall Resistance

Protect Your Cables & Hoses From Damage

Heavy Duty Braided sleeving is ideal for use in applications where protecting wires & hoses from abrasion damage is a primary concern. These sleeving products are designed to endure high abrasion environments where flying debris & dragging along abrasive surfaces are common. These products also provide protection again dirt & grime. Heavy duty braided sleeving is designed to withstand exposure to the elements and can provide protection against UV rays, moisture, and other environmental factors, making it a good choice for outdoor applications. Some common industries that require the extra protection of heavy duty sleeving include: Marine, Mining, Construction, Agriculture, Automotive, & more.

Why Should I Use Braided Sleeving?

We believe sleeving is the best of all worlds when it's time to deal with harnesses, snakes and bundles, and we want to convince you that some type of sleeving will be the perfect balance of economy, ease of use and long term usability for your applications. Unlike other products designed for cable management, expandable sleeving is quick and economical to install on applications of virtually any length. In addition, the reduced weight and volume of sleeving is negligible to the overall diameter and weight of the application. The visual appeal of braided sleeving is an important factor as well. Many companies and individuals the world over use Techflex® brand braided sleeving for their wires, tubes, cords, and more. For professional applications, home installations, and even arts and crafts projects, Techflex® braided sleeving is your best solution!

Tips for Installing & Terminating Braided Sleeving

determining the diameter of your wire bundle
How To Determine What Diameter Sleeving You Need

Bundle the cords that you’ll be covering and measure the diameter of the bundle. If you want a snug fit, choose a braided sleeving option with a slightly smaller diameter than that of your cables. If you want a loose and flexible fit, choose a braided sleeving option with a diameter that is equal to or slightly larger than that of your cables. Keep in mind that braided sleeving loses 2% to 3% of its length when it expands. Be sure to plan accordingly!

Cutting Sleeving With A Hot Knife
How To Cut Sleeving with a Hot Knife

To ensure a frayless, professional end on any installation, it is recommended that expandable braided sleeving be cut with a hot knife, rope cutter, or similar tool. We offer a wide variety of Hot Knives for different applications, including handheld knives, table knives, and replacement blades. Watch our video on Using A Hot Knife To Cut Braided Expandable Sleeving.

Terminating Sleeving With Heatshrink
How To Terminate Sleeving with Heatshrink Tubing

Heatshrink Tubing is the ideal way to create a tight, professional finish on any wire, hose or cable management project. Once shrunk, the tubing will hold its reduced state, even at elevated temperatures. This application can be used to protect, color code, brand, or secure ends or sections of braided sleeving. A Heat Gun is required to properly apply heatshrink tubing. You can find a guide to the proper technique for working with heatshrink tubing Here.

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Gator Wrap - 1 3/8" - Black

Price/Ft:  $10.25
Premium Treatments:
Price/Ft:  $10.25
Total: $30.75

Gator Wrap - 1 3/4" - Black

Price/Ft:  $10.40
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Price/Ft:  $10.40
Total: $31.20

Gator Wrap - 2" - Black

Price/Ft:  $10.50
Premium Treatments:
Price/Ft:  $10.50
Total: $31.50

Gator Wrap - 3" - Black

Price/Ft:  $12.05
Premium Treatments:
Price/Ft:  $12.05
Total: $36.15

Gator Wrap - 4" - Black

Price/Ft:  $14.60
Premium Treatments:
Price/Ft:  $14.60
Total: $43.80

Gator Wrap - 5" - Black

Price/Ft:  $15.05
Price/Ft:  $15.05
Total: $45.15

Gator Wrap - 6" - Black

Price/Ft:  $19.25
Premium Treatments:
Price/Ft:  $19.25
Total: $57.75