Metal Braid - Tinned Copper Sleeve

High Coverage Sleeving For Shielding, Grounding & Protection


Whether you have rodents, cats, dogs, or other animals biting at your wires or a need for EMI/RFI shielding, Flexo Metal Braid (MB) expandable sleeving could be the answer for you. Braided from tin coated copper, it is both flexible and strong, with superior EMI protection. EMI/RFI is commonly referred to as electrical noise. Tinned copper braid is an ideal shielding material for short-run cables. It can provide added shielding in retrofit applications, and is much more flexible than foil solutions. Tinned copper braided sleeving provides superior attenuation of greater than 60 dB over wide frequencies, ranging from a few kilohertz (kHz) to several gigahertz (gHz). Braided sleeving provides superior flexibility and ease of installation compared to foil wrapped cable.

metal braid application 1
metal braid application 2

MB is extraordinarily abrasion, cut and penetration resistant and is suitable for use in any exposed application. The sleeving expands over plugs and connectors, and contracts to provide full coverage protection. It is ideal for use on hoses to minimize damage and injury from blowouts.

metal braid installation

To prevent fraying when cutting any metal braid, slip the sleeving over the intended application to get an accurate measurement, wrap the area to be cut with a couple of turns of tape, mark the cut and remove the sleeving. Use shears or serrated scissors to cut through the tape and sleeving. Don’t remove the tape until the sleeving is installed and you’re ready to terminate the end.

  • Cuts Easily with Scissors
  • Highly Abrasion & UV Resistant
  • Extreme Blowout Protection
  • Meets QQ-B-575B
  • Grounding Straps
  • EMI, RFI, ESD Protection
  • Resists Common Chemicals & Solvents
  • Will Not Retain Moisture
  • Full Coverage for Full Protection
  • RoHS Complaint

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