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Flexo Chrome Braided Sleeving

Metallic Expandable Sleeving

Flexo Chrome

This heavy duty expandable metallized mylar sleeve is ideal for dressing up any application with the look of braided stainless steel. The standard CH has a more open look, with transparent PET braided together with the metallic strands to create an attractive glimmer when light strikes it and allows the color of the application to come through for a special effect.

Made with full slit heavy duty Mylar, Flexo Chrome will provide years of attractive hose or wire covering.

Hose & Wire Customizing

Flexo CH provides the look of braided stainless steel hose without the hassle or expense. The sleeving is perfect for customizing wires and hoses under the hood. Installation is simple... just cut the sleeving to length with a hot knife, slide it over your hose, and hide the ends under the hose clamp for a quick and economical custom look.

  • Cuts Easily With Hot Knife
  • Halogen Free - RoHS Compliant
  • Conductive Mylar for Shielding Applications
  • Resists Common Chemicals & Solvents
  • Expands Up To 150%
  • Loose Braid Allows Application to Show Through
  • Temperature Range: -94° to 257°F (-70° to 125°C.) 482°F./250°C. Melt Temp.

Nominal Diameters

Expansion Ratio


Flexo Chrome - 1/8" - Silver

Price/Ft: $0.41
Premium Treatments:
Price/Ft: $0.41
Total: $4.10

Flexo Chrome - 1/4" - Silver

Price/Ft: $0.75
Premium Treatments:
Price/Ft: $0.75
Total: $7.50

Flexo Chrome - 3/8" - Silver

Price/Ft: $0.90
Premium Treatments:
Price/Ft: $0.90
Total: $9.00

Flexo Chrome - 1/2" - Silver

Price/Ft: $1.00
Premium Treatments:
Price/Ft: $1.00
Total: $10.00