L6N1.00BK - L6 Liquid Wrap - 1" x 8' - Black


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Unit Price: $23.80

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Product Details

Manufacturer Part #L6N1.00BK

Product Description


L6 - Liquid Wrap

Our new L6 Liquid Wrap semi-rigid wraparound sleeving is engineered from tough braided polyester, and laminated with a layer of strong Mylar sheeting. This combination provides a strong and lightweight solution for any application that requires protection from repeated exposure to the elements.

L6 Liquid Wrap is available in black. The black color is standard due to the applications of L6. It is often used to give a professional look to cable bundles, protect various harnesses and tubes in automotive and construction equipment, and can cover hydraulic pipes and extension cords. Having a black colored wrap helps to not draw attention away from other areas, helps the application to blend in, and matches any other colors and designs that may be present.

What is L6 Sleeving?

L6 Liquid Wrap utilizes some of the same characteristics as original F6 sleeving but has been engineered to improve upon it. Liquid Wrap has the same easy to access wrap around design but, due to the construction, has complete coverage for increased protection and resitance to environmental elements like dirt dust and water. This sleeving’s superior elastic flexibility lets it wrap around any kind of bundle, cable or hose and will not compromise the bundle’s flexibility. L6 Liquid Wrap resists damage from the elements, common chemicals, and UV light, and will protect wires, hoses and cables even in harsh environmental conditions.

Additional Product Information

  • Provides Professional Look on Products
  • Resists Common Chemicals, Solvents, and UV Damage
  • Repels Water When Properly Sealed
  • Split to allow breakouts and easy access
  • Will Not Support Bacteria Growth
  • 12% edge overlap
  • Braided Polyester, Laminated with Strong Mylar Sheeting
  • Halogen Free - RoHS Compliant
  • FMVSS 302 Approved
  • Melt Temp: 482°F/250°C
  • Operating Temps: -94°F to 257°F (-70°C to 125°C)

Technical Specifications

Nominal Diameters (Fractions)1

Total Price: $23.80

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