0460-204-08141 - Solid Pin - Size 8 - 8-10 AWG - 60 Amps - Nickel Plated

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Product Details

Manufacturer Part #0460-204-08141

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Deutsch Contacts

Deutsch contacts are the metal pins and sockets that are used to make electrical connections within Deutsch connectors. These contacts are designed to securely mate with each other and provide reliable electrical connections. Contacts come in different sizes and styles to accommodate different wire gauges and current carrying capacities.

DOCUMENTS: Solid Contacts (PDF)

What is the Difference Between Solid and Stamped & Formed Contacts?

There are two types of contacts available: Solid and Stamped & Formed. Both contact types use a crimp style termination, eliminating the need for solder. The variation in the contact system are those dictate by wire gauge and contact style.

Solid Contacts: The solid contacts are designed for use with larger wire size and heavy duty applications. Solid contacts are manufactured used a cold heading process with solid copper alloy wire and are available with either a nickel or gold plating finish. Solid contacts terminate wire from 4 AWG to 20 AWG.

Stamped & Formed Contacts: Stamped & formed contacts are designed for use where wire termination costs are of primary concern without sacrificing reliability of electrical circuits. The stamped & formed contacts are made on a precision stamping machine using flat strip stock, then a durable and corrosion proof nickel, tin, or optional gold plating is applied. The stamped & formed style contacts terminate wire from 10 AWG to 22 AWG.

Deutsch Crimper

Crimping Your Contacts

Solid as well as Stamped & Formed contacts are designed for crimp style terminations – No solder is required or recommended. A crimp style termination displaces the wire strands creating a superior bond between the wire and the contact. WireCare® offers a wide range of crimping tools for both solid and stamped & formed contacts. Check out the different Crimper options.

Deutsch & Amphenol Contacts

Are Deutsch Contacts and Amphenol Contacts interchangeable? Essentially, Yes! Deutsch contacts can be substituted for Amphenol contacts (or vice versa) if the contacts are comparable in size and other specs. For Example: Deutsch Solid Pin 0460-202-16141 is the same size & specs as Amphenol Solid Pin AT60-202-16141.

When To Use Gold Vs. Nickel Contacts

Deutsch Contacts (pins & sockets) are manufactured from 98% pure copper and then plated with either Nickel or Gold. Nickel plating is commonly used for power & control circuits. Gold plated contacts are intended for use with low voltage and amperage circuits like sensors and data transmission circuits.

Purple & Green Stripes - What Do They Mean?

The color stripe indicators on some Deutsch Contacts indicate a non standard AWG size. Here are two examples:

Green Stripe: Contacts marked with a green stripe are Size 16 that accept 14 AWG wire. Standard size 16 contact accepts 16-18AWG wire, but these specially marked contacts allow for a larger a wire.

Purple Stripe: Contacts marked with a purple stripe are Size 20 that accept 16-18 AWG wire. Standard size 20 contact accepts 20AWG wire, but these specially marked contacts allow for a larger a wire.

Technical Specifications

SeriesDTHD Series, HDP20 Series, HD30 Series, and DRB Series
American Wire Gauge8 AWG, 9 AWG, and 10 AWG
Contact Size8
American Wire Gauge Range8-10 AWG
Contact TypeSolid Contact
Contact MaterialNickel
Current Rating60 Amps

Total Price: $3.80

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