GM-SDL-SMA-60 - Silicone Cold Shrink for RPSMA Connections - Black

SMA-60_overhead hi-res
SMA-60_overhead hi-res

Product Details

Gamma Electronics
Manufacturer Part #:

Unit Price: $8.49

Total Price: $8.49

Product Details

ManufacturerGamma Electronics
Manufacturer Part #GM-SDL-SMA-60

Product Description

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Silicone Cold Shrink

Shrinks in Seconds, with No Heat Required! Say goodbye to your heat gun. No heat is required to get Cold Shrink to shrink, (hence it’s name). Cold Shrink is held in place by an inner plastic core that prevents it from shrinking down. The plastic core is perforated to make for an easy removal. Once you start pulling at it the plastic core it removes in seconds, allowing the Cold Shrink to reduce in size.

Gamma’s Silicone Cold Shrink installs in less than a minute but more importantly,they guarantee it will last the lifetime of the cable. Not only does Gamma’s Silicone Cold Shrink withstand extreme temperatures but it easily beats EPDM Cold Shrink’s already impressive temperature resistance as well.

Want to keep water out of your connection? There’s no better solution than Gamma Cold Shrink. Gamma silicone Cold Shrink is IP68 rated, meaning no water gets in even while being dunked in more than 1 meter of water for over 30 minutes.

Total Price: $8.49

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