B6W0.50OR - F6® Battle Wrap - 1/2" - Orange - 5 ft cuts


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Product Details

Manufacturer Part #B6W0.50OR

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Techflex® F6® Battle Wrap

With all the superior protection of its predecessor, Battle Braid®, F6® Battle Wrap offers the added feature of easy application due to the legendary F6® split tube, wrap-around design. F6® Battle Wrap is a heavy duty, cut resistant wrap-around sleeving designed to protect wire and cable assemblies from heavy impacts and punctures. Durable polyester construction absorbs and dissipates energy to offer superior crush and abrasion protection making F6® Battle Wrap an obvious choice for the automotive industry where brake lines and wire harnesses could be exposed to extreme environments. Because of its impact and crushproof makeup, this sleeving is also ideal for EV manufacturers when power cable protection is of utmost importance while giving easy identification for emergency crews in the case of a crash situation. Not only a great choice during assembly but, because of its F6® construction, it is also perfect for maintenance and repairs without the need to disassemble a harness.

MELT TEMP: 482-500°F (250-260°C)

OPERATING TEMP: -40°F to 302°F (-40°C to 150°C)

COLOR OPTIONS: Black & Orange



CLOSURE: Self-Closing Overlap

 F6 Battle Wrap Under The Hood

Why Is Crush Protection Important?

Crush protection for wires is important to ensure that the wires are protected from physical damage that can occur when they are subjected to external forces, such as pressure or impact. When wires are crushed, their insulation can be damaged, which can lead to electrical shorts, arcing, and other types of electrical failures.Crush protection for wires is one of the way to ensure that they remain functional and reliable, even in harsh operating conditions.

Protect Your Cables & Hoses From Damage

Heavy Duty Braided sleeving is ideal for use in applications where protecting wires & hoses from abrasion damage is a primary concern. These sleeving products are designed to endure high abrasion environments where flying debris & dragging along abrasive surfaces are common. These products also provide protection again dirt & grime. Heavy duty braided sleeving is designed to withstand exposure to the elements and can provide protection against UV rays, moisture, and other environmental factors, making it a good choice for outdoor applications. Some common industries that require the extra protection of heavy duty sleeving include: Marine, Mining, Construction, Agriculture, Automotive, & more.

Tips for Installing & Terminating Braided Sleeving

determining the diameter of your wire bundle
How To Determine What Diameter Sleeving You Need

Bundle the cords that you’ll be covering and measure the diameter of the bundle. If you want a snug fit, choose a braided sleeving option with a slightly smaller diameter than that of your cables. If you want a loose and flexible fit, choose a braided sleeving option with a diameter that is equal to or slightly larger than that of your cables. Keep in mind that braided sleeving loses 2% to 3% of its length when it expands. Be sure to plan accordingly!

How To Terminate Sleeving with Heatshrink Tubing

Heatshrink Tubing is the ideal way to create a tight, professional finish on any wire, hose or cable management project. Once shrunk, the tubing will hold its reduced state, even at elevated temperatures. This application can be used to protect, color code, brand, or secure ends or sections of braided sleeving. A Heat Gun is required to properly apply heatshrink tubing. You can find a guide to the proper technique for working with heatshrink tubing Here.

Techflex® Sleeving Categories & What They Mean

GENERAL PURPOSE: Suggested for general wire management, bundling, identification and protection applications in home, office, commercial and industrial environments.
HEAVY DUTY: Ideal for use in applications where protection from abrasion damage is a primary concern. These products are built to withstand rugged, challenging environments.
METAL & SHIELDING: Products that not only provide protection and management for wires and cables, but also offer EMI, RFI and ESD protection in a wide range of vulnerable applications.
ADVANCED ENGINEERING: Engineered from specialized polymers, designed to exacting specifications and manufactured to tight tolerances, these premium products are in use in many aerospace, military and biomedical applications.
HIGH TEMPERATURE: Designed for protection in high temperature environments where failure would be catastrophic, these products are state of the art in high temperature material engineering.
SPECIALTY: Highly engineered, application specific products to fulfill our customer's individual and unique product specifications.
ELECTRICAL: Coated fiberglass sleeving options engineered to provide a range of insulation options with up to 15,000volt protection.

How to Choose The Correct Braided Sleeving

A lot of factors go into determining the correct braided sleeving wire protection method for your project. We’ve broken it down to help you narrow your search:

  • Operating Temp: Is your wire harness going to be regularly exposed to extreme temperatures or possible flames? The operating temperature of your harness is a critical consideration when choosing sleeving to ensure that the sleeving you select can withstand the intended environment and provide adequate protection.
  • Flexibility & Expansion Ratio: Flexibility is an important factor if your wire harness will be snaking around a lot of corners or curves or is frequently moving. Expansion ratio refers to the amount by which the diameter of a braided sleeving can increase when stretched. The expansion ratio of braided sleeving can vary depending on the material it is made of and the construction of the braiding.
  • Material: Braided sleeving is available in a wide range of materials to provide different levels of abrasion, UV, and chemical resistance. Material also effects wire harness weight, EMI protection, and flexibility.
  • Cutting Tool: Checking the recommended cutting tool for a sleeving product allows you to ensure you have the tools necessary for the job. If using a hot knife is not feasible for you, be sure to look for sleeving options that can be cut fraylessly with scissors.
  • Sleeve Vs. Wrap: If you are consistently changing the wires & cables of your harness then a split wrap may be a better option for you than a solid sleeving product to installation is fast & easy.
  • Industry & Environment:Techflex® braided sleeving products are organized into categories based on the most common uses of each product. If you work in a specific industry, visiting the corresponding product category may be a fast way to see applicable sleeving options for your project.
  • Color choices: Braided sleeving is great for matching, color coding, and to identify wires & cables. If color coding is your goal, make sure the product you are considering offers enough colors for your project.

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Total Price: $13.35

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