Cable Clamp

Quick Cord Management with Unmatched Reusability!

cable clamp
Cable Clamps

The Cable Clamp is an innovative and easy-to-use cord management and organizational tool which is superior to tape, cable ties, and hook & loop products. The Cable Clamp® is forever reusable and can be easily opened and closed with one hand utilizing its unique Quick Connect…Quick Release feature. Constructed with durable polymers and stainless steel, it features self-aligning, self-adjusting, and self-locking technologies. Tremendously useful with real-world applications, the Cable Clamp® is the solution to your wiring nightmares!

Currently available in three convenient sizes: small, medium, and large, all are designed to accommodate a wide array of applications, including organizing standard desktop computer wiring to bundling extension cords as long as 100'. Additionally, it's offered in an attractive assortment of colors.

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