Deutsch Sealing Plugs

For Deutsch Connectors

Sealing Plugs

In situations where the harness design requires that not all of the plug or socket cavities are being used, inserting sealing plugs into the empty cavities maintains the weather resistance characteristics of the finished assembly. Sealing Plugs can be used in place of either solid or stamped and formed contacts, and are available in sizes to fit all Deutsch connector series and connection accessories. Sealing plugs will fit in both plug and socket cavities, and you need one for each unwired cavity in your assembly.

Used with the Deutsch Common Contact System

The Deutsch common contact system insures that the contact termination system will be compatible throughout the entire line of Deutsch connector products to reduce design alterations and maintain improved performance and reliability. The use of a common contact system eliminates many of the failures reported in harness systems where hundreds of different terminations are used. Look here for genuine Deutsch crimpers.