2:1 PVC Heatshrink Tubing

Ultra Clear Polyvinyl Chloride Heatshrink Tubing

2:1 PVC Heatshrink

Shrinkflex PVC Heatshrink is one of the clearest shrink tubings on the market. Designed for applications that require visability such as label protection and visability.

Shrinkflex PVC can be used as a protective cover that lets the base materials show thru. This is especially useful on applications where highly attractive braid needs to be covered and retain maximum visual effect.

Ultra Clear for Visual Effect
ultraclear heatshrink tubing

The non-yellowing PVC is perfect for adding a layer of protection over hose or wire applications that are frequently exposed to weather, chemicals or abrasion. Ideal for use as a protective cover over sleeving installations on auto and motorcycle cables or hoses.

  • Non-yellowing PVC
  • Low Shrink Temp
  • Operating Temperature Range: -67° to 275°F (-55° to 135°C.) 392°F./200°C. Melt Temp.

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