3:1 Adhesive Lined Heatshrink Tubing

High Ratio Shrink, with an Adhesive Weather Resistant Fit

3:1 Dual Wall Adhesive Heatshrink

Dual wall adhesive lined heatshrink tubing is ideal for producing strong, weathertight seals on any heatshrink installation. During the application of heat from a heat gun or other heat source, the inner adhesive wall melts and flows, creating an adhesion layer to ensure a snug fit to your harness and/or connector. Adhesive lined heatshrink is availabe in 4' strips, in diameters up to 1 1/2".

ShrinkFlex 3:1 adhesive lined heatshrink tubing is RoHS compliant.

  • Shrinks to 1/3 Original Diameter
  • Resists Damage From Common Chemicals
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Adhesive Lined for Tight, Weather Resistant Fit

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