2:1 Diesel Resistant Heatshrink Tubing

Resists Diesel Fuel and Corrosive Chemicals

2:1 Diesel Heatshrink

Diesel resistant heat shrink tubing is the most widely used heat shrink in aviation, racecar and other applications where highly corrosive fuels, fluids and oils are used. Its high resistance to aviation and diesel fuels, hydraulic fluids and lubrication oils makes it suitable for protecting military ground cables and harnesses from both these fluids, and abrasion. It reliably protects terminals, connectors, and other components from most industrial fuels and mechanical damage.

The 4mm wall thickness resists damage from abrasion and flying debris, and stays secure even at elevated temperatures. The 2:1 shrink ratio allows easy installation over plugs and connectors, and shrinks to a tight and flexible seal for protection of wires and connectors.

Shrinkflex diesel resistant heatshrink tubing is available in diameters up to 2" in Black only.

Protect Connections in Extreme Environments
repairing split or torn insulation on tools and appliances with silicone tape

Shrinkflex diesel resistant heatshrink tubing is ideal in extreme conditions where resistance to corrosive diesel fuel and other corrosive liquids is mandatory. The tubing shrinks tightly around wires and connectors to protect delicate components and connections from corrosive chemicals, abrasion and flying debris.

  • Resists Diesel Fuel and Corrosive Chemicals
  • 4mm Wall Thickness Resists Abrasion
  • Easily Installs With a Heat Gun
  • Remains Flexible When Shrunk
  • Stays Tight At Elevated Temperatures
  • 2:1 Shrink Ratio
  • Operating Temperature Range: -94° to 302°F (-70° to 150°C.) 347°F./175°C. Shrink Temperature

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