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Top Of The Line Audio/Video Connectors

Top Of The Line AV Connectors

These High‑quality power cord connectors and AC power outlets from Wattgate are specially designed and optimized for use in the audio/video industry. Made from either High Spring Rate Brass (Economy line) or upgraded Audio Grade Gold, Silver or Rhodium Plating, they are a great way to improve your audio/video performance.

Perma-Lock™ Terminals

The unique Perma-Lock™ terminals, as used on all WATTGATE™ IEC and wall connectors, work in the following way: As the terminal screw tightens down on the contact tang, it compresses the wire underneath the tang, causing the screw to exert an upwards lift of the collar overleaf. This lifting action “locks up” the threads on the screw. Stress-relieving of the terminals is virtually eliminated. Heat cycling and vibration cannot loosen the screw. To put it more simply, “as the screw goes down, the collar locks up.” Also eliminated is the need to tin the lead wires.

WATTGATE™ Three-Layer Plating Process

Featured on WATTGATE™ Audio Grade® connectors and receptacle. All contact elements share the following three-layer plating process:

1. Oxygen Free Copper plating – improves conductivity.

2. Electroless Nickel plating – necessary to prevent the leeching of the copper through the gold layer.

3. 24k Gold plating or Passivated Silver plating – improves conductivity and prevents corrosion.


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