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WireRun® Bonito® Power Grommet

Combining power and USB charging capabilities, the WireRun Bonito Power and USB Desk Outlet adds connectivity to your desktop. It is great for working with numerous applications at once, while still having power available. Installation is easy and can be completed by one person by simply cutting a 4.21 inch hole into a solid surface. This desk outlet easily flips over, providing outlets and connectivity when you need it, and hiding the outlets when you don't. There is an 8-foot power cord that is included so that you can easily access a wall outlet right from your desk.

COLORS: Black & White


POWER OUTLETS: 3 AC Outlets & 2 USB Ports

WireRun® Utopia™ In-Desk Wireless Charger

The WireRun® Utopia™ In-Desk Wireless Charger is a next generation charging application that can be fitted into a grommet hole – leaving a clean, uncluttered, and finished look. Great for shared workspaces, nightstands, hotel lobbies, airports, restaurants, or wherever charging stations are needed. The wireless feature allows you to keep your mobile device close and easily accessible while you work or grab it and go after a few quick minutes of charging on the run.

COLORS: Black & White

Manta Edge-Mount Desk Outlet

This power and USB edge-mount desk power outlet installs easily without cutting into your work surface. It has three power receptacles and 2 USB charging ports to add versatile connectivity to your desktop. Because the power strip uses a clamp mounting system, it is easy to relocate the desk charging station as needed, when needed making it ideal for use in office environments, hotel rooms, conference centers and any location where a power and charging station is needed.

COLORS: Black and White

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