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Loose, unmanaged cables create an unsightly mess that can lead to damaged equipment or accidental injury from being stumbled over. Traditional methods such as cable ties or wire loom provide a great solution for cleaning up the mess, but when time comes for cables to be changed or readjusted, these products can be very time consuming and wasteful. Wrap N Strap® adjustable cable organizers are easy to install, reusable, and allow the user to quickly make changes with minimal effort. These incredibly strong, yet gentle flexible straps can be used in almost any application.

Types of Wrap N Strap® Kits & Where To Use Them

Audio Packs: Audio Packs include (2) 4” Straps. These on-the-go sized straps are perfect for wrangling headphones, earbuds, MP3 chargers, phone chargers, and other smaller cords.

Craft Packs: Craft Packs include (8) 6” Straps. Keep your craft & DIY projects in order with these convenient straps. Easily manage the cables on hot glue guns, hot knives, die-cut machines, sewing machines, heat presses, soldering irons, and more!

Electronic Packs: Electronic Packs include (8) 6” Straps. As you might’ve guessed these kits are geared toward managing cables on your electronics including; computers, laptops, chargers, printers, televisions, home theater systems, etc.

Haircare Packs: Haircare Packs include (8) 6” Straps. Bathroom organization is a beast of its own, but don’t let your haircare tools add to the chaos. These straps will keep your hairdryer, curling iron, flat iron, crimper, hot brush, and hair trimmer cords nicely coiled.

Houseware Packs: Houseware Packs include (8) 6” Straps. Be honest with yourself, there are tangled cables & cords all over your house. These straps can wrangle the cords on your iron, hairdryer, counter top appliances, extension cords, Christmas lights, or pretty much any cord that needs some organization!

Music Packs: The Music Pack comes in 4 varieties; Kit #900 includes (8) 9” Straps, Kit #906 includes (8) 6” Straps, Kit #912 includes (6) 12” straps & (2) 6” straps, Kit #918 includes (6) 18” straps (1) 6” strap & (1) 6” strap. These straps will keep the cords on your amps, guitars, audio systems, & other equipment organized.

Standard Packs: These Standard Strap Packs are great for general cable management usage and are available in 5 different varieties. Kit# 900 includes (5) 9” straps. Kit# 912 includes (5) 12” straps (all alternate #912 kit is available with Flat Head Buttons). Kit# 918 includes (3) 18” straps. Kit# 924 includes (3) 24” straps.

Sample Packs: The Sample Pack includes (1) 24” strap, (1) 18” strap, (1) 12” strap, (1) 9” strap, and (1) 6” strap. This kit gives you a taste of all the different strap sizes to help you choose the correct size for your projects.

Variety Packs: The Variety packs are available in 2 varieties to give you a nice sampling of different size straps. Variety Kit #1 includes: (6) 6” straps, (2) 9” straps, and (1) 12” strap. Variety Kit #2 includes: (7) 6” straps, (4) 9” straps, (2) 12” straps, and (1) 18” strap.

Whole House Packs: If you are the king of cable management then this is the Wrap N Strap® Pack for you! This massive kit includes: (2) 4” Straps, (7) 6” straps, (5) 9” straps, (3) 12” straps, (1) 18” strap, and (1) 24” strap.


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