Heatshrink Printing

Wirecare Heatshrink Printing!

Wirecare is happy to make this unique service available to our customers! Our proprietary heatshrink application allows you to select from our available combinations of heatshrink products and design your own customized heatshrink tubing. We offer a constantly expanding library of stock images, as well as text capabilities, to place on your tubing. You can even upload your company logo or other custom art to be saved into our database for your use in the future. Your finished art will be prepared by our Graphics Dept. and printed on our high resolution equipment.

Please check out our Heat Shrink Printing Guide for instructions on how to make your next Printed Heatshrink job turn out great!

Choose Your Shrink Ratio & Diameter

2:1 shrinks to half, 3:1 to one third, and 4:1 to a quarter of its original diameter. Gloss Heatshrink is a 2:1 Heatshrink. Be sure to choose the correct shrink ratio for your application.
heatshrink image

2:1 Ratio Glossy

heatshrink image

4:1 Ratio

Sorry, this ratio is not available for the selected printing type.
heatshrink image

3:1 Ratio

heatshrink image

2:1 Ratio

Choose Your Cut Length

Please choose the length you would like your heatshrink pieces to be cut.

Available cut sizes range from 1" to 6"

Choose Your Tubing & Imprint Color

Tubing Color

Imprint Color

Choose Single-Sided or Double Sided

Sorry, Double-sided temporarily unavailable

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Design your Heatshrink

Upload Image to My Library

Maximum File size 3MB

Adjust, Rotate, & Align Your Custom Design

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Heatshrink Opening 

Heatshrink Length

Image Layers

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Insert Text and Select Font

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Second Side Image Orientation

For your convenience, when designing both sides will be "right side up".

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Select Quantity

Please select how many pieces you would like to order.

QuantityPrice Per PiecePriceYou Saved
 $0.80$40.00 $40.00$0.00
 $0.72$80.00 $72.00$8.00
 $0.52$200.00 $130.00$70.00
 $0.40$400.00 $200.00$200.00  Our Recommended!
 $0.32$800.00 $320.00$480.00
 $0.30$1,200.00 $450.00$750.00
 $0.28$2,000.00 $700.00$1,300.00
 $0.20$4,000.00 $1,000.00$3,000.00
 $0.18$7,600.00 $1,710.00$5,890.00

Your Heatshrink Order:

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Cut Length:  1 Inch Cuts
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Quantity:  500

Total Cost:  $200.00