GLT2912BKBUHB40 - GripLockTies™ - 12" - 70lb - UV Black and Blue - 40 Piece Pack

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Grip Lock Ties

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Product Details

ManufacturerGrip Lock Ties
Manufacturer Part #GLT2912BKBUHB40

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Grip Lock Ties


Releasable, Rubber-Lined, protective cushioning cable ties to prevent wire and cable damage. Rubber-Lining prevents the need to over tighten to secure. Thus protecting wire insulation and conductors from damage. Resistant to Vibration: will not move around and cut wires or scratch off paint on installed surfaces. Faster installation and lower cost then separate cushioning materials.

COLORS: Black/Red, Black/Orange, & Black/Blue

SIZES: 8" and 12"


Why Use GripLockTies™?

Protect: GripLockTies™ are rubber-lined, protective, cushioning cable ties that prevent wire and cable damage. GripLockTies™ are especially protective in high-vibration and elevated-temperature applications.

Control: You can protect wire insulation and conductors from damage. GripLockTies™ do not move around and cut wires or scratch off paint on installed surfaces. Enjoy faster installation and lower cost than separate cushioning materials. Let the rubber secure your wires at the precise bundle diameter needed, rather than the crushing force needed with traditional ties.

Reuse: In a throw away world GripLockTies™ are reusable. Patented rubber lining prevents the need to over-tighten a zip tie just for a secure fit. Unlock, reseal, and reuse. No more hassle cutting and resealing ties after you forgot to run that last wire. Lock and unlock them until you get that perfect fit! When you are all set you can then flush cut.


How to Use GripLockTies™

Set up everything that you want to secure prior to tightening, then tighten as necessary. The deep teeth design produces a satisfying click from the extra-tough locking head. If you are not ready to finalize the installation or your forgot "just one more wire" then use the release tab with your thumb, then open the GripLockTies™. After tightening, you can cut off excess strap and the releasable tab so that it's flush with the retention head. You don't have to pull it crazy tight like other Ties. GripLockTies™ rubber lining practically eliminates stress concentration points under tension, making the tie stronger for a longer life.

  • Ideal for more difficult installations like industrial MRO and OEM situations, including high vibration and stationary production, electrical cabinets, lawn and garden, UTV Moto and ATVs, RV, marine, aircraft, heavy equipment, and trailers.
  • The patented double rubber-lining bands grip and protect the bundle, reducing slippage even when working on on vertical installations.
  • Rounded edges on the top of the tie also protect insulation, preventing sharp edges from damaging cables.
  • Ideally installed in ready-for-use areas where the environment requires heat stabilized and UV protection.

Uses & Benefits of Cable Ties

Cable Management: Cable ties are most commonly used for organizing and securing cables. They can be used to bundle cables together, route them along walls or ceilings, or keep them neat and tidy under a desk or behind a home theater system.

Compliance: In some industries, such as construction and electrical work, there are regulations that require cables to be organized and secured properly. Cable ties can help you comply with these regulations.

Automotive: Cable ties can be used in automotive applications to secure cables, hoses, or other components in place.

Gardening: Cable ties can be used to secure plants to trellises or stakes, or to support the growth of new shoots and branches.

Home Improvement: Cable ties can be used to hold together broken items or to temporarily repair items until a more permanent fix can be made.

Arts & Crafts: Cable ties can be used in various crafting projects, such as jewelry making, model building, or creating sculptures.

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Total Price: $19.99

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