Mounting & Fastening

Don’t let your wires get out of control. Easily fasten or mount your wires and cables in your networking applications with the following selection of products!
FMS - Flexo® Mounting System
Flexo® Mounting System
Easy Snap Together Parts
Installed Without Special Tools

FX - Flexo® Flange
Flexo® Flange
Strong & Durable Flattened End
Double Sided Flange For Easy Install

MAGDADDY - Magdaddy
360 Degree Rotation Ability
High Strength Magnets

TR - Nylon Metal Barb Ties
Nylon Metal Barb Ties
Embedded Stainless Steel Locking Tab
18lb. Tensile Strength

Economical Reusable Tape
Cut & Abrasion Resistant

VS - VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Fasteners
VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Fasteners
Economical Reusable Fasteners
Cut & Abrasion Resistant

RTI - Rip-Tie EconoCatch
Rip-Tie EconoCatch
Rubber Base Adhesive
At Least 2,000 Release Cycles

RTF - Rip-Tie EconoCinch
Rip-Tie EconoCinch
Non-Metallic Buckle
At Least 2,000 Refastenings

RTC - Rip-Tie EconoWrap
Rip-Tie EconoWrap
Gentle Hold Hook & Loop
At Least 2,000 Release Cycles

RTE - Rip-Tie CinchStrap
Rip-Tie CinchStrap
10,000 Release Cycles
Non-Metallic Buckle

RTH - Rip-Tie CableCatch
Rip-Tie CableCatch
Quick Release For Easy Rebundling
10,000 Release Cycles

RTG - Rip-Tie CableWrap
Rip-Tie CableWrap
Ideal for Industrial & Home Use
10,000 Release Cycles

LT1 - Braided Nylon (Polyamide)
Braided Nylon (Polyamide)
Thermal Endurance: -67°F to 250°F
Finishes: A-No Finish or C-Synthetic Rubber

CBT - Cable Ties - Low Profile
Cable Ties - Low Profile
Low Profile Harness Bundling
Pick Proof Underside Lock

CS - Stainless Steel Cable Ties
Stainless Steel Cable Ties
Fully Adjustable, Self Locking
Nonmagnetic 316 Stainless Steel

CTR - Releasable Nylon Cable Ties
Releasable Nylon Cable Ties
Ideal for Bundles Needing Frequent Access
50lb. Tensile Strength

CTP - Push Mount Cable Ties
Push Mount Cable Ties
Ideal for Panel Mounting
50lb. Tensile Strength

cbc - Chrome Plated Cable Ties
Chrome Plated Cable Ties
Professional Finished Metallic Look
UV and Chemical Resistant

SSLT - Stainless Steel Ladder Cable Ties
Stainless Steel Ladder Cable Ties
Self Locking for Speedy Applications
100 & 250lb. Tensile Strength

CBA - Arctic Cable Ties
Arctic Cable Ties
Ideal for Below Freezing Temperatures
80lb. Tensile Strength