We’ve got the tools you need to finish the job including crimpers, strippers, hot knives, clamping tools, and many more. We will help you get the job done!
CLAMPTITE - Clamp Making Tool
ClampTite Tool
10Xs Stronger Than Regular Clamps
Clamp Anything, Anywhere

Deutsch - Crimpers
Deutsch Crimping Tools
For Use With Solid Contacts
Single & Multi Indent Models

DMC Crimper
DMC - Crimpers
Mil-Spec, Light Weight, Yet Heavy Duty
For Use With Solid Contacts

PMCRIMPER - PressMaster Crimpers and Die Sets
Pressmaster - Crimpers
High Quality & Strength Hardened Alloy
Ergonomic Features

HTT - Home Theater Tools
Paladin - Crimpers
Interchangeable Die Sets
Soft Ergonomic Handles

Act Crimpers
ACT - Crimpers
Terminal Crimper & Wire Stripper in One
Comfortable Hand Grips

HK - Hot Knives
Hot Knives
Used for Cutting & Sealing Sleeving Ends
Handheld or Bench Mount Available

Steinel Heat Guns and Blowers
Steinel Heat Guns & Blowers
Multi-Temp Guns & Blowers
Kits & Accessories Available

TORCH - Butane Torches and Soldering Tools
Soldering Tools and Torches
Multiple Irons & Torches
Cases & Supplies Available

PMSTRIP - Pressmaster Wire Stripping Tools
Pressmaster - Strippers
Strong, Reliable, Comfortable Grip
Best Quality Strip Available

ACT Strippers
ACT - Stripper
Terminal Crimper & Wire Stripper in One
Comfortable Hand Grips

Rack-A-Tiers Strippers
By Electricians For Electricians
Strips A Wide Range of Wires & Cables

ANGELGUARD - Spool Tools
Angel Guard Spool Tools
Easily Manage Spools
Dispensing Wires/Cables Was Never Easier

Displays and Spools
Techflex Spool Racks
Easy Spool & Product Management
Includes Mounting Hardware

LSDI Wire Pulling Tools
LSDI - Wire Pulling Tools
Time Saving Devices
For Single or Bundled Wires

LSDI Installer Kits
LSDI - Installer Kits
Convenient & Economical Solutions
Popular Pre-Packaged Tool Kits

LSDI Creep-Zit
LSDI - Threaded Wire Push/Pull Rods
Choice of Professional Installers
Strong, Durable, & Flexible

LSDI - Quick Snapping Wire Push/Pull Rods
Easy Threading System
Quick Snap Together Set-up

LSDI Tool Storage & Transport
LSDI - Spool Reels & Transport
Keep Tools In One Place
Easily Find & Retrieve Tools